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The primary areas of research in the Kilbey group include synthesis and characterization of soft materials used for surface and interface engineering.  We focus on studying the intrinsic links between assembly, structure and properties of ultrathin polymer films at surfaces and of molecular assemblies in solution. Our challenge is to understand the design rules whereby controllable, precise syntheses coupled with the ability to manipulate molecular assembly and intermolecular interactions lead to new and useful structures, properties, and products. We use a variety of characterization methods to probe structure and interactions on length scales approaching molecular dimensions, including surface forces measurements and neutron reflectivity, and we also use in situ ellipsometric measurements to track dynamics of assembly and changes in solvated structure of surface-tethered polymer thin films. We also use light scattering to examine solution properties of self-assembled systems. 

Kilbey Group News

January 2016

Kamlesh Bornani successfully presented and defended his ORP. Congratulations!

March 2015

Graham Collier and Rachel Ramirez successfully defended and passed their CRPs. Congratulations!

January 2014

Jiadi Hou joins the Kilbey group.Welcome Jiadi!

December 2013

Graham Collier and Rachel Ramirez join the group .

Mike Kochemba heading to Eastman Chemical. Congratulations Mike!

November 2013

Mike Kochemba successfully defended his thesis. 

Prof. Kilbey elected Vice Chair of AIChE’s Materials Science and Engineering Division.

October 2013

Congratulations on Zach Siebers from the CIRE program passing his qualifying exam on October 4th.

September 2013

Kamlesh , Jesse and Wang gave talks at the 2013 Fall National ACS Meeting in Indianapolis, IN.

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